The New Magento 2 Accelerator


BULLDOG is the new Magento 2 accelerator built exclusively by BORN. With BULLDOG you can launch your B2B or B2C commerce shop with rich features, a low budget and a short time frame, all without sacrificing quality.

BULLDOG gives a complete new look and feel to the standard Magento accelerator because it comes with pre-coded extensions, custom UX & UI features, and special enhancements to essential Magento 2 functionalities.

Bulldog Features

All features are plug and play. BORN will identify the perfect combination to elevate your commerce shop and truly maxmize online conversions for an incredible ROI. To find out more and get a BULLDOG quote for your commerce shop, schedule a demo by filling out the form below.

  • Key Integrations

  • Essential Creative

  • Automated Testing

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